For IT, SharePoint is a comprehensive, easily-managed and integrated platform to meet the needs of the business.

New Signature helps our customers begin their SharePoint implementation through a rigorous business and technical analysis of current work processes, collaboration requirements, and the types of in-place content. This information is processed into a set of documents that cover requirements; an architecture of the SharePoint structure and hierarchy that best meets the business’ needs; the sites, applications and forms required to disseminate information and improve collaboration; and a migration strategy to move information and data from previous locations and applications to SharePoint.

This analysis helps determine if your business should leverage SharePoint Server on-premises, SharePoint Online, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution as part of Office 365, or, a hybrid of on-premises and cloud. During our implementation and migration phases, New Signature also empowers your IT and business teams through Microsoft-certified education and learning curricula so they take full advantage of the SharePoint platform.