Over the course of a history which spans more than 10 years, Visual IT Solutions has distinguished itself thanks to the experience and knowledge of its representatives and the quality of the work they perform. Based on a profound and practical understanding of the market, our team provides new perspectives on business and technology concerns, making Visual IT Solutions the gold standard in the field of IT strategy.

We are committed to giving you first-rate professional services and strategic advising to enable you to meet your business objectives.

  1. Improve your IT services.
  2. Maximize the returns on your investments.
  3. Develop successful business strategies guaranteed to be in line with your objectives.
  4. Carry out technology projects of any scale, large or small.
  5. Enhance your internal processes.


  1. Interim management
  2. Governance
  3. Business transformation
  4. Master plan and strategy design
  5. Software package selection
  6. ITIL processes
  7. Audits
  8. Systems architecture
  9. Project management and control
  10. Technology watch and forecasting