When it comes to cloud adoption, choosing the right SaaS solutions, a cloud-based development platform and targeting the right audience are essential. With our best practices for building cloud solutions, Visual IT can help you make an informed decision to launch your potential business applications and satisfy end users.

We specialize in public, private and managed cloud services and use enterprise-class technology to ensure convenience, performance, scalability and security. By connecting with us, you combine what works best with what we do best, giving you an agile solution and a competitive advantage.

We help clients migrate to the cloud to minimize costs and adopt a pay-as-you-go model that gives them the ability to scale based on business requirements. In Amazon Web Services and MS Azure, we offer cloud services that cover the following scope of participation:

  1. Setup and Configuration;
  2. Backup and Recovery;
  3. Data Migration to Cloud;
  4. Consumption and Billing Optimization;