Advancing Together

Visual IT Solutions is, first and foremost, a team of professionals who have a vast range of skills and talents and who work to meet our company’s objectives of innovation, cost-effectiveness, and progress. Through their work, these professionals strive for excellence in their field, but they also strive for excellence in their own personal growth and the achievement of their most cherished ambitions. Human capital is the engine which drives our company. To ensure their professional and personal satisfaction, we believe that it is essential that all our employees take pride in being members of the Visual IT Solutions family.

For this to happen, Visual IT Solutions favours an approach based on:

  • A sound work environment rooted in trust, respect, and cooperation
  • Competitive total remuneration
  • Enviable working conditions
  • Across-the-board commitment to the company’s strategic direction
  • Accountants


    Achievements Which Leave Their Mark

    Some time ago, Visual IT Solutions established a company-wide contribution management process in order to acknowledge the talent and efforts of its employees throughout the year. This process fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust between managers and their employees, which makes for freer and constant communication.

    This program is known as Make Your Mark, and it is a management and communication process which provides employees and their supervisors with the chance to define, clarify, and acknowledge individual and collective contribution to the achievement of the company’s priority objectives. It also enables the definition and establishment of a training framework which allows our employees to evolve within the organization. It is also an ideal way of integrating the values which are fundamental to the success of our business.

    Make Your Mark optimizes everyone’s competences and know-how to make a difference on an everyday basis – for our team members, for our company, and, especially, for our clients, who give us the number-one reason for doing what we do.


    For an Evolving Career

    Visual IT Solutions’ talent management program was established to provide employees and their supervisors the tools and information needed to optimize their careers. Our mission is to stand out by developing our employees’ talents – the hallmark of our company!

    The talent management program helps us to ensure the success of our business strategy by taking each individual’s professional and personal aspirations into account so as to optimally develop our employees’ potential.

    The talent management program is an innovative system which allows us to:

  • Properly understand an employee’s role within the company, and what the employee needs to move forward
  • Create career paths for employees eager to establish a career with us
  • ncourage reflection on professional and personal aspirations

  • The talent management program is a novel initiative which demonstrates Visual IT Solutions’ commitment to developing the potential of all our team members.