Are you a seasoned professional? Do you have the knowledge, expertise, and people skills which come with experience?

Are you looking for a reliable employer that is well-respected in the IT industry, is on the cutting edge of new technology, and will acknowledge and appreciate your professional history? Are you interested in a company which will offer you stability, competitiveness, and career challenges in a world which is constantly changing?

Visual IT Solutions is:

  • A talent management program to develop and guide your career path at Visual IT Solutions
  • The chance to use your experience and mentor a young employee embarking on a new career
  • Fair wages and vacation time which take into account all the experience you have gained in your field
  • An employee benefits program which is consistent with personnel’s needs
  • A training program customized according to both the company’s needs and individual ambitions
  • A contribution management program with individual and collective annual objectives and with regular follow-up meetings